Physio:8 Classes

Core is known for fast paced, highly energetic Physio:8 classes run with inspiring music by our expert Physiotherapists. These classes are varied, to keep them fun and fresh! They are a great program for all ages and levels from the beginner to the elite athlete.

These classes include a mix of Physio exercises, Pilates inspired exercises, Reformer exercises, therabands, balls, discs – to name a few!  This is a dynamic class, full of continuous movement.

Our class numbers are small, with a maximum of 8 people, in order to ensure that you receive expert instruction, guidance and precision from our Physios. Smaller classes allow our physiotherapists to give you individualised attention and combined with our understanding of the human body, you will achieve the most effective and efficient program. Physio:8 classes are aimed at increasing core strength, flexibility, body awareness, reducing back and neck pain, improved balance and co-ordination.

These classes are ideal for clients who do not require an individualised program but do have a current health condition which this program can  manage. If you have any questions regarding your suitability, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly front desk staff to have a chat.

How it works:

To begin the process you will need to begin with a Physio:8 Assessment Consultation, which is a 30-minute appointment where the Physio will assess your history and your suitability, formulate your goals and outcome measures and introduce you to exercise techniques and the range of equipment.

You will also require regular re-assessments of your goals and treatment plan to ensure you are progressing as planned.

Simply call reception to book yourself in. Once you are an existing client, you can book via our core app or online.