At Core Physio + Pilates, we have a special interest and are extremely experienced in Women’s health. Our Physiotherapists are specially trained for pre + post natal women’s health, with an emphasis on pelvic floor strength and endurance.

We offer specific pre + post natal physio classes, designed for the unique needs of a mother’s pre + post natal body. As Physiotherapists, we understand the common pathologies relating to your pre + post natal body. Therefore we plan and structure our classes accordingly, to not only improve strength and endurance but also to improve and prevent any injuries you may be experiencing.

For pre natal mums, the focus of these classes is to keep your core strong for labour, to strengthen your entire body, to help prevent or reduce back pain and pelvic instability, as well as maintaining strength and endurance in your pelvic floor.

For post natal mums, the classes help with labour recovery, reduce and repair stomach muscle separation, strengthen the pelvic floor and are tailored towards the physical demands of being a new mum, such as feeding, changing nappies, baby carrying etc.

Your safety is our primary concern, so we require consent from your GP/Obstetrician/Midwife in order for you to participate in these classes. If you have had a caesarean, you will need to wait until your 6-week check up before commencing/recommencing the class. If you had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you may begin when you feel ready.

Babies are always welcome in our pre + post natal reformer classes!

Pre + Post Natal Physio Classes

How it works:

If you don’t have any injuries, you can simply call reception to book yourself in. Once you are an existing client, you can book via our core app or online.
If you are pre or post natal and have any complications or injuries, or would like a more personalised pre/post natal experience, then you will need one of Core’s tailored Functional Physio sessions.