Clinical Pilates

Pilates is known for being one of the safest and most efficient ways to stretch, strengthen and rehabilitate your body, without building bulk or stressing your joints. At Core, Clinical Pilates involves one of our expert Pilates Instructors designing a personalised program that addresses your specific needs and goals.

Some examples of what Clinical Pilates can be beneficial for:

  • Suffering from a current injury
  • Low exercise tolerance
  • Decrease balance/confidence
  • Over 65 years
  • An irritable chronic injury which is easily exacerbated
  • Post surgery
  • Prefer a more intimate class
  • Improve sporting performance

How it works:

During your Pilates Initial Assessment, you will have a musculoskeletal appraisal by one of our highly skilled and experienced  Pilates Instructors. Your clinician will then begin to design your personalised Pilates program, based upon your needs, goals and/or injuries.

After your Pilates Initial Assessment, you will generally require two to three one-on-one sessions, to continue to work through and develop your program. During these sessions you will learn the principles of Pilates and your instructor  will guide you through the exercises designed for your needs. These one-on-one sessions allow your teacher to educate you on technique and body awareness, preparing you for the 1 on 4 sessions.

The Pilates Instructor will then determine your progression to one of our 1 on 4 sessions. There is a maximum of 4 people in each 1 on 4 class, with each individual working through their personally tailored program and exercises. Your instructor will pay very close attention to your needs, ensuring you perform the exercises correctly, to gain optimum results. The small class size allows your Pilates Instructor to continue to give YOU focused attention, guiding you through your exercises and addressing any injury or body issues you may be working to improve.

If you would like an individually tailored Clinical Pilates (1 on 4) Program designed for you, simply call one of our friendly receptionists on 95238111 to make an appointment for a Pilates Initial Assessment today. These sessions cannot be claimed under private health insurance.