We are here for you during Stage 4 Restrictions

August update

Under new stage 4 restrictions, as Physiotherapists we are an essential service and can stay open with the following services:

At Core (face to face) services for essential physiotherapy needs:

Essential physiotherapy: ‘Face to face’ physiotherapy is needed to prevent significant change/ deterioration in the client’s function.

In accordance with Department of Health and Human Services regarding Allied Health Services during stage 4 restrictions.

  • Physiotherapy treatments
  • One on one Physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions

Bookings by phone only and face masks must be worn at all times.

Online services:

  • Telehealth: virtual physiotherapy and 1:1’s: Bookings by phone or via our app.
  • Core LIVE virtual group classes (timetable updated daily): Bookings via our app.
  • Core LIVE hired reformer packages/ sessions: Contact reception.

Pregnancy and post natal classes:

  • We are unable to conduct face to face classes until stage 4 restrictions are lifted.
  • Pre and post natal clients are able to have face to face Physiotherapy or 1:1 sessions as per current health guidelines.
  • Please contact us for a face to face or telemedicine physiotherapy appointment or 1:1 session to address your pre or post natal needs.
  • We highly recommend our online pregnancy and post natal sessions (1:4 offered via zoom)
  • Your permanent spot for classes is safe and held until classes recommence.

Be in touch with any questions via:

  • Core Physio and Pilates app
  • Online via the appointment tab
  • Email: info@coremelbourne.com.au
  • Phone: (03) 9523 8111

Permanent spots

Your permanent spot is safe, whether it is in a pre/ post natal class, Functional Physio or 1:1.

Pre and post natal classes

We are unable to conduct classes again until stage 4 restrictions are lifted. Please contact us for a physiotherapy appointment or 1:1 session to address your pre or post natal needs. This can be conducted at Core or via zoom. Your permanent spot for classes is safe and held until classes recommence.

Check your newsletter or this tab for regular updates

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Covid Protocol

Before appointment:

  • Face masks must be worn upon entry to and at all times within building
  • Compulsory screening questions cleared on booking, and expected to be “safe” for every appointment.
  • Furniture has been rearranged in the building to ensure 1.5m distance between people is maintained at all times.
  • Please wait outside reception entry on level 2 (upstairs) until your session if your session is upstairs, and or level 1 ( downstairs) if your session is downstairs, and aim to arrive a few minutes early to allow for smooth traffic flow and temperature to be taken. Signage and help from staff will be available to avoid confusion.
  • Take shoes off outside the studio.
  • Please keep your phone INSIDE your bag, or consider having it in a ziplock bag if you are expecting an urgent message or call (phones have been shown to carry many germs and are hard to contain).
  • Temperature will be taken by staff, and demonstrated as safe upon arrival for every appointment.
  • Please bring to functional physio sessions:
    • A large clean towel to use in place of pillow (pillows no longer available) – consider more than one if you usually need more than one pillow.
    • Socks to wear during session (grip socks recommended). Available for purchase at reception if needed.
    • Your own theraband (if you have one). Available for purchase at reception if required.
    • Optional to bring your own pilates or yoga mat.
  • Hand washing prior to and post session is essential and hand sanitiser will be readily available in all rooms.
  • Please avoid using handrails on stairwell and use elbow for lift buttons (if possible!)
  • Studios will be deodorised between sessions.
  • Hospital grade wipes and sanitiser will be used throughout studio.
  • We value our clients downloading the COVID safe app.

During and end of appointment:

  • Reduced timetable for safe distancing in studio.
  • Strict 1.5m distancing between people/ all equipment and ensuring we are abiding recommended guidelines for overall capacity in our spaces within the studio.
  • You will be expected to wipe down ALL equipment/ props that you use during your session please with guidance from your physiotherapist
  • Gloves will be available to use.
  • Sanitise your hands immediately after using hands in straps.
  • Pillows will not be available (your clean towel will suffice, feel free to bring two towels if you normally need more pillows).
  • Please do not use any equipment that has a sign “do not use”.
  • Hicaps / EFTPOS machines wiped after each use.

Last updated 5/8/20