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Lee is the founder and owner of Core Physio + Pilates. Her hard work and infectious optimism makes her a force to be reckoned with. While not taking on new clients, Lee can be found covering clinical classes and teaching Reformer when one of her staff needs a break.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2002, Lee is a Polestar Pilates certified rehabilitation clinician, an alumni ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, and a regular presenter on health and wellness for allied health clinicians, health and industry bodies and businesses.

Lee is passionate about professional development and sharing knowledge. She has attended conferences globally on Pilates and health, including the International Pilates Conference in Boston and the Pilates on Tour Conference in San Francisco.

One of Lee’s passions is hosting labour and birth skills workshops here at Core. She has always been interested in women’s health and ten years later, continues to give her all to not only her business and staff, but her clients as well. When not at Core, Lee is working on her own Pilates, off for a run or spending time with her family.

Jamilly is a Brazilian qualified Physiotherapist and has been since 2009. She loves teaching Pilates and throws herself head-first into each and every one of her classes. Jamilly never gives up on anything and will always go the extra mile without being asked.

Always looking to learn more and striving towards excellence with every step, Jamilly has completed multiple Pilates courses including Metaronpus Studio Pilates, a Postgraduate certificate in Pilates Method, and is a Polestar Pilates Certified Rehabilitation Clinician.  She has also completed an advanced course in Kineto taping method, and a Manipulative Physiotherapy and Knee Rehabilitation course. Jamilly is constantly building on her knowledge of Pilates, rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy in order to bring a new perspective to her classes. She loves trying new things and will always be ready to work with her clients towards goals and over obstacles.

Seeing the beauty in movement, Jamilly loves to photograph her surroundings, traveling whenever she can and enjoying cycling around Melbourne when she can’t. Jamilly always puts her whole heart into everything she tries. Never going halfway or giving up on her clients, Jamilly is always on the ball and ready to do everything she can to help everyone around her.

Riley is a fiercely loyal and hardworking practitioner. With a Bachelor of Health Science and Physiotherapy from AUT University, NZ in 2007, and currently undertaking her Graduate Certificate of Sports Physiotherapy, Riley has particular interest in sports physiotherapy and spinal injuries.

As the head Physio at Carlton Football Club, AFLW, and the head of health and wellbeing at that very same Club, Riley was also the Principal Physiotherapist of Monash Victoria Netball League, under 19 Division One championship teams. She loves working closely with her players and clients, using not only her years of experience and education, but her compassion and forward-thinking.

Riley is also a DMA and APPI Pilates Certified Rehab Clinician and in the few moments she gets between working at Core and her other commitments, Riley enjoys Yoga, practising her Pilates and spending as much time with family and friends as she can.

Lauren is a physiotherapist with level 1, 2 and 3 certificates in Dance Medicine Australia Clinical Pilates. She also holds various advanced training Pilates certificates including Pilates for running, cycling and hip/knee/shoulder pathologies.

She is very excited to return to the Core community after working in one of the most sought after Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinics in London, which was also a leading international Pilates Teacher Training facility.

Lauren also has several higher-level physiotherapy certificates from courses established by the Australian Physiotherapy Association including Sports Physiotherapy, Amputee Rehabilitation, Spinal Physiotherapy (including headache treatment) and Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation.

Her energy for ongoing professional development together with her broad clinical experience allows her to confidently assess and treat a wide range of conditions.

Lauren strongly believes in the holistic benefits of core stability, flexibility and body awareness. She is also able to identify the need for and deliver manual therapies to optimise recovery.

Her driven, fun and thoughtful personality complements her client management, where she is always searching to educate, empower and satisfy others.

Nicole is a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with over 24 years of experience treating spinal and sports injuries. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) and a Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy, Nicole went on to become a certified Polestar Clinical Pilates Practitioner and a certified PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Practitioner.

A calm, seasoned, instructor with years of experience and interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation, Nicole believes in safe, functional training. She works with sports and spinal treatment, and management and rehabilitation for women diagnosed with cancer. Nicole works hard towards helping her clients improve their general health and wellbeing through Pilates.

When away from work, Nicole loves to go jogging or skiing whenever she can. Otherwise she can always be found spending time with her family and friends.

Corinne graduated with a bachelor in Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne and a post-graduate certificate in Aquatic Physiotherapy. With an intrinsic belief in developing awareness of movement for everyday function, Corinne works to instil control and stability education for all her clients and uses her extensive knowledge of Pilates and movement to help her clients reach their wellness goals.

Pilates is a passion for Corinne, who frequents Polestar Pilates symposiums and has attended Polestar Pilates with Brent Anderson workshops, Polestar Pilates ongoing education – Pilates for: hip and pelvis, Courtney Miller reformer sequencing course. As well as furthering her physiotherapy education in maximising performance and minimising injury in the runner, women’s health, high intensity training, rotational sports & cyclists and Mastermind lower limb tendinopathy and biomechanics.

Corinne is always keeping active, having completed a 200 hour accredited yoga teacher training, and Appi therapeutic yoga for health practitioners, Corinne brings her enthusiasm for life into each and every class. While not teaching Pilates at Core, Corinne is spending time with her family, running, or immersing herself in an inspiring book or podcast.

Caitlin is physiotherapist who is passionate about exercise and uses a holistic treatment approach to help people move better and be healthier.

Cailtin graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctors of Physiotherapy after having completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University.

Caitlin places significant emphasis on injury prevention where possible, and believes education is key when striving for the best client outcomes. Caitlin puts great importance on getting to the cause of the problem via biomechanical analysis and correction, helping people to get better and stay better.

She is also a Clinical Pilates instructor who trained with DMA and believes that Pilates is a great way to keep yourself strong and fit and both rehabilitate and prevent injury for any age or fitness level.

She has had wide range of experience working in both private practice and hospitals. She has also worked with Sandringham Soccer club, Southern Saints netball and various football teams.

In her free time she enjoy being outside either running, cycling, going on weekend camping trips.

Renee graduated from the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, in 2015 with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and has studied further into dry-needling. She is an enthusiastic practitioner with a special interest in working with lower limb injuries, women’s health and paediatrics.

With enthusiasm abundant, always a smile and ready to work you hard, Renee is tough but fair and will do everything in her power to help her patients reach their goals. She is a very hands-on practitioner who believes in tough love and self-motivation. Her main goal is to see her Pilates patents reach their goals and her physio patents to overcome obstacles.

She is an APPI Pilates certified rehab clinician and when not at Core, or traveling the world, Renee can usually be found on a beach somewhere, spending time with friends or at the gym.

Galia is an allied health assistant with over ten years of experience teaching Pilates in all different forms. She completed a Pilates Mat & Apparatus teacher training course in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 2005 and has been a Gravity Foundation Instructor since 2012.

While teaching her classes, Galia incorporates years of knowledge and experience into each exercise, ensuring that each of her clients is working hard towards their rehabilitation or fitness goals. She enjoys working with rehabilitation of the shoulder girdle, hips and knees.

While not at Core, Galia is always doing Pilates, learning about new techniques and exercises. She can also be found enjoying time with her family and friends, watching a good movie or trying new foods.

Spencer is an Australian Qualified Myotherapist with an interest in helping people with Stationary Work Syndrome through working with fascia and getting people up and moving!

Education and putting things together is a big motivator for Spencer. He loves figuring out how and why things get stiff and painful, and what to do in order to make things better. He says that “by working with fascia, muscles become less restricted, allowing for more movement.”

As a Myotherapist, Spencer is able to relieve tension and pain though a variety of treatments including deep tissue massage, dry needling and cupping.

During his time off, Spencer can be found watching or playing football, keeping up with the latest movies or going on a spontaneous adventure.


Kristen Roache

Katie Sandford

Katie Sandford

Passionate about movement and exercise, Gabi graduated as a qualified physiotherapist from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1981. She then furthered her education into movement and rehabilitation through Certificates in Manual Therapy, Hydrotherapy, a Graduate Diploma in movement and Dance, and has been an APPI Pilates certified instructor and Rehabilitation Clinician for over a decade.

Gabi has a special interest in orthopaedic rehabilitation, chronic pain, pre/post pregnancy care and preventative health. She always adopts a big picture, holistic approach to treatment.

When not at Core, Gabi can be found dancing her heart out, practising Yoga or Pilates, reading the next great novel or outside enjoying nature and exploring the Australian bushland.

“Practise what you preach,” is a mantra for Morgan, who can often be found doing her own Pilates in the studio between treating patients. She has been a qualified physiotherapist from Auckland NZ since 2013 and is an APPI Pilates Certified Rehabilitation Clinician.

Always with a smile and a kind word, Morgan has a keen interest in sports Physiotherapy and post-operative rehabilitation and has furthered her education into the benefits and practice of dry-needling.

When not in the studio or treating patients, Morgan can be found leading a very active lifestyle by practising her gymnastics, athletics, Pilates or traveling the world whenever she gets the chance.

Bev, Sheryl, Naomi + Sheridan are the ever present faces and voices of our Core reception team! They are dedicated to making your experience at Core is one of excellence, as they weave their magic to ensure that your treatments and pilates fit seamlessly into your ever busy lives. These lovely ladies bring with them a passion for pilates and holistic health and you will likely see their faces partaking in a class, whenever they get the opportunity. Next time you are at Core, pop by and say hello to our wonderful reception team – they are always happy to have a chat!