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Lee is a highly qualified and sought after physiotherapist, holistic health practitioner and presenter – and the passionate business owner here at Core Physio + Pilates. Lee started the business with a dream to help people achieve total wellness. 9 years on and 20 staff later Lee is living this dream and creating a community like no other in Melbourne.

In this time, and as testament to all of the hard work she and her amazing staff have invested, the business has won Best Business of Elsternwick 2011 in Professional Services and the overall winner of Best Business in Elsternwick.

Lee’s focus and core belief is to deliver her clients with highly qualified, holistic expertise and services. Lee is a trusted mentor for women’s health, an alumni ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and regularly presents to allied health clinicians, health and industry bodies and businesses across a variety of current health and wellness topics.

She is passionate about professional development, having attended numerous conferences around the world such as the renowned International Pilates Conference in Boston and recently the Pilates on Tour Conference in San Francisco.

Kirsty graduated from Australian College of Sports Therapy in Melbourne as a Myotherapist and joins the team at Core with 10 years of experience in private practice. Having worked with a variety of clientele from those experiencing postural dysfunction and headaches, to Fun-Run participants, Enduro-cyclists and Ultra Marathon runners, as well as Pre Natal massage Kirsty has a wide range of clinical experience and believes in an individual-focused treatment approach. 

Kirsty was introduced to Pilates having worked in a busy CBD clinic and through her own Pilates experience began incorporating the principles and exercises in to her Myotherapy treatments. Her passion for Pilates led her to undertake training with Polestar Pilates Australia and this fuels her desire for helping people move and live pain free, and lead healthy, strong lives.

Kirsty is always keen to develop and learn new skills and this motivation has drawn her to undertake further training in Pre Natal massage, extensive Dry Needling training, and falls prevention in an aging population through exercise.

Riley graduated as a physiotherapist from AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand and has worked in Private Practice for 7 years.

She has a special interest in sports injuries and is the Principal Physiotherapist of Monash Victoria Netball League (VNL) under 19’s, Division One and Championship teams where she enjoys the ability to work closely with players through acute injury, post surgical rehabilitation, return to sport, and ongoing prophylactic management.

Riley has completed DMA clinical pilates courses and is currently completing the internationally recognised APPI Pilates Training. She has found the integration of pilates into patients’ treatment plan invaluable in returning them to pre injury level and helping them to improve overall body awareness, posture and core stability.

Sonia is a qualified osteopath and is registered with Osteopathy Australia. She graduated from the 5-year Osteopathic Medicine course at Victoria University in 2012. She completed her Diploma in Pilates Instruction (Rehabilitation course) with Polestar Pilates Australia. Sonia has also completed a Certificate in Selective Functional Movement Assessment, which gives her the skills to assess clients’ movement, and breakdown any faulty movement patterns. SFMA movement testing is designed to assess fundamental patterns of movement, especially those with musculoskeletal pain. It gives direction to the rehab and treatment of pain and dysfunction.

Sonia is passionate about osteopathy, Pilates and all things health & wellness related. She ensures her patients are holistically managed by integrating health education, wellness/dietary advice and rehabilitation/exercise prescription. Sonia understands that no condition is identical in two people, therefore all consultations are individualised to the client’s needs and circumstances. Prevention strategies are discussed and implemented from the first consult.

During treatments, Sonia uses a variety of techniques including joint work, muscle/myofascial release, indirect techniques and dry needling. She has experience in treating a wide-variety of conditions including acute and chronic pain, sporting injuries and pregnancy related pain. She has a special interest in correcting posture-related pain and often treats deskworkers and athletes. Recently becoming a mother herself, Sonia can personally understand the physical challenges faced both pre and post natal. This has sparked a keen desire in working alongside pregnant women to optimise their pregnancy and birthing goals.

Sonia places special care with clients in linking their Pilates programs with any underlying physical conditions, so that not only are her clients getting stronger and accelerating in Pilates repertoire, but their conditions are being ‘treated’ in the form of movement as therapy.

Nicole is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with over 24 years experience in the treatment of spinal and sports injuries. Nicole holds a Physiotherapy Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy, and has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of neck and back pain, and neck related headaches.

She has worked in Private Practice since graduating in 1990 and was one of the principals of a large multi-disciplinary clinic in Melbourne for nearly 12 years.

Nicole has worked with several sporting teams and athletes and has developed a strong interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation with specific focus on safe functional training. This led her to undertake clinical pilates training through Dance Medicine Australia in 2006 and the internationally recognised Polestar’s Rehabilitation Pilates Course a few years later.

Nicole is also a Certified Pinc Cancer Rehabilitation Practitioner who provides individualised prescribed rehabilitation to women diagnosed with cancer. The Pinc Cancer Rehabilitation Program is designed to help maximise recovery, regain physical and emotional strength and improve body confidence and sense of wellbeing.

Nicole enjoys successfully combining her physiotherapy and pilates skills to maximise injury rehabilitation, enhance sporting performance and improve general health and wellbeing.

Corinne graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2001. She spent 5 years as an integral part of an interdisciplinary team treating orthopaedic rehabilitation clients at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

During this period Corinne undertook additional training to qualify as an Aquatic Physiotherapist enabling her to manage clients with a range of spinal and arthritic conditions, sports injuries, and pre and postnatal women in an aquatic setting.

Corinne found her passion when she begun working in pilates 5 years ago. She furthered her skills by completing the internationally recognised Polestar Rehabilitation Pilates Course and has since continued courses in other pilates related areas including running (a strong passion!), High-Intensity-Training and women’s health.
Her focus lies in tailoring treatment to specific client needs with an emphasis on integrating pilates into daily life through increased body awareness and grace of movement.

Caitlin is physiotherapist who is passionate about exercise and uses a holistic treatment approach to help people move better and be healthier.

Cailtin graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctors of Physiotherapy after having completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University.

Caitlin places significant emphasis on injury prevention where possible, and believes education is key when striving for the best client outcomes. Caitlin puts great importance on getting to the cause of the problem via biomechanical analysis and correction, helping people to get better and stay better.

She is also a Clinical Pilates instructor who trained with DMA and believes that Pilates is a great way to keep yourself strong and fit and both rehabilitate and prevent injury for any age or fitness level.

She has had wide range of experience working in both private practice and hospitals. She has also worked with Sandringham Soccer club, Southern Saints netball and various football teams.

In her free time she enjoy being outside either running, cycling, going on weekend camping trips.

Galia is a certified professional Pilates Instructor with over 10 years of experience. Throughout her teaching career Galia worked with a wide range of clients with special needs, helping them to reduce and prevent pain caused by various pathological conditions.

Galia has an extensive knowledge and training with pre & post natal, dancers, athletes as well rehabilitation from injuries.

Galia completed her training in 2005 at “Studio Reut for Pilates & Gyrotonic” in Tel – Aviv Israel, she holds a Pilates Mat and Apparatus Certification. Additionally, Galia is a Gravity Foundation instructor from “Total Gym” Education coordinator Israel; she completed her Gravity training in 2012. Gravity is a training system that combines Yoga & Pilates by using body weight resistance.

Galia’s teaching is characterized by her ability to customize programs for her client’s while recognizing individual limitations and needs, she has a sharp eye for the small details and strong belief in performing the exercises with precision.

Galia believe that by improving the mental and physical well being of her clients, she can help them enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge in the Pilates method by reducing pain, improving joint function and strength with her clients.

In 2013 Galia reallocated Melbourne with her husband. She finds Melbourne very welcoming and unique and loves its diverse and multicultural lifestyle.


Kristen Roache


Katie Sandford

Kylie is a qualified Osteopath who graduated from RMIT with a Masters degree. Her fascination with the human body began whilst completing a degree in Exercise and Sports Science (with a major in Nutrition) at Deakin University.

Kylie’s experience in rehabilitation and exercise is vast, including working as a Personal trainer and hydrotherapist. She also has extensive experience developing gym and hydrotherapy programs for children and adults with special needs. Kylie also worked at the Austin hospital in Heidelberg and Royal Talbot alongside Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists developing knowledge in the management of chronic disease, cardiac, orthopedic and spinal injuries.

Her Pilates training was completed with Polestar Pilates including extra studies in Pilates for hip and shoulder injuries, runners and cyclists

Combining her extensive rehabilitation background, Clinical Pilates experience plus her Osteopathy knowledge, Kylie has a holistic approach to health care and believes that Pilates can help everybody. She feels Pilates is the link between the treatment room and returning to full function and health. She loves the feeling of empowerment you gain from mastering movement and managing your own body. Her passion and energy for Pilates will be evident in every class!

Gabi qualified as a physiotherapist from University of Witwatersrand, South Africa in 1985. Her post-graduate qualifications include: Pilates Equipment Certification with APPI, Certificate Manual Therapy, Certificate Hydrotherapy, and a Graduate Diploma in Movement and Dance.

Through many years of clinical practice in acute and rehabilitation hospital environments as well as private practice, Gabi developed adanced skills in orthopedic-trauma rehabilitation and chronic pain management. Being passionate about the benefits of exercise, she has practiced and taught pilates for over a decade. She teaches using a holistic approach designed for each persons individual needs and strengths. Education and injury prevention are central to her philosophy, which she incorporates into her treatment program to help each client achieve their wellness goals.

Bev, Sheryl, Adi + Nicole are the ever present faces and voices of our Core reception team! They are dedicated to making your experience at Core is one of excellence, as they weave their magic to ensure that your treatments and pilates fit seamlessly into your ever busy lives. These lovely ladies bring with them a passion for pilates and holistic health and you will likely see their faces partaking in a class, whenever they get the opportunity. Next time you are at Core, pop by and say hello to our wonderful reception team – they are always happy to have a chat!


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